Raw Material - Purchase

Located in close vicinity of one of the finest maize producing area in India, there is abundance of quality raw material available year round.  The raw materials are packed in jute bags and are transported from the farms to the market, where our experienced skilled staff purchases best quality raw material.

Raw Material - Quality Check & Batching

Each bag of the raw material is checked manually before unloading the raw material from the truck to ensure best quality.  The raw material are batched by our unique batching system before it is stacked in the stock yard, which is fumigated as per industry warehouse standards.

Processing - Grits Manufacturing

The raw material is fed to the machinery unit where it undergoes pre-cleaning section, extensive cleaning section designed specifically for maize, and milling section. In milling section the final products are classified into 4 different qualities based on its application.  This fully automated processing unit provides the quality end product which is untouched by human hand.

Product - Quality Check, Packing & Batching

Quality of the product is randomly checked for quality in the lab, multiple times in each shift prior to packing. The packed products are batched to provide detailed tracebility and then stocked in the yards.