Maize Broken

Invariably known as Cracked Corn, Crushed Maize, Makka Tukadi (Tukari), Corn Grits, Corn Meal, Broken Corn

Maize Broken G001

Technical Specification:

Size: 4.5 mm to 6 mm

These are the prime products from a full degerming system consisting of the largest pieces of broken maize endosperm free of husk and germ. Main uses are Cornflakes, "AREPAS" which is used for making "Tortillas" or a sort of porridge, Direct cooking and consumption (known as Samp in southern Africa)

Maize Broken G002

Technical Specification

Size: 4 mm to 5 mm

Brewer's Grits - Slightly finer than cereal grits, used as a brewing adjunct and in malted beverages.   This grits is also used for extruded snacks. 

Maize Broken G003

Technical Specification:

Size: 3 mm to 4 mm

This grits is used as a raw material for extruded snacks. It is also used to make finer corn meal. 

Apart from food industry, it serves as best ready-to-serve for birds, animals like pigs, horses, goats, etc


Technical Specification:

Size: 2 mm to 3 mm

This grits is also used for extruded snacks.  Also this grade of Crushed Maize is used as Chick Feed, as it serves as ready to feed to the chicks.  

Maize Broken Applications