A Government of INDIA recognized ONE STAR Export HOUSE

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GODAWARI INDUSTRIES is a leading manufacturer & supplier of FMCG ingredients like CORN GRITS, CORN MEAL, Brewery Grits, Rice Grits, Corn Flour, Rice Flour, Pop Corn, etc, used in Snacks industries, Bakeries, Breakfast Cereals, Breweries, Confectioneries & Biscuits manufacturing Industries, both domestically and to more than 25 countries.

Our excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction and unmatched consistent quality for our supplied products is our strength. Because of our export volumes which is not possible without consistency, GOVERNMENT OF INDIA has recognized Godawari Industries and has awarded ONE STAR EXPORT HOUSE

Our biggest strengtt lies in the purchase of the premium quality raw material and our ability to deliver quality end products to our clients with consistent quality and timely deliverables. Our company motto is to provide wholesome quality finished ingredients to make a better life to millions of people around the globe.

Applications where Corn Grits is majorly used:

  • Snack Food Industries ( Extruded Snack Foods )
  • Breakfast Cereals
  • Breweries
  • Confectionery and Biscuits Industry
  • Bakeries (Breads, Muffins, etc)
  • Pizzas